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Our senior portrait sessions are $199 and include our incredible customer service, your own custom fashion consultation, 2 locations and a studio session. This session is our best way to make sure you have amazing portraits. 

Each session requires a minimum deposit.  You may choose your own deposit and we will reward you based on which level you choose.  Please visit our Rewards for Deposits! to see our amazing giveaways.  Most of our custom session clients will invest from 1000-5000+ on their custom portraits. 

REWARDS FOUND HERE! to see our Deposit Rewards!


SIMPLICITY SESSIONS for $99 or less!

These sessions are for those who want a quicker simple option. Come visit our residential studio and enjoy session with 2 outfits and 20+ images to choose from.  For simplicity sessions the entire process only takes about 90 minutes including the portrait design session.  Enjoy a custom price menu just for these sessions and a lower up front deposit of $150.  Normal session fees are $99, but check with our office to see if we are running any current special offers.  Simplicity clients will typically invest from $300 - $1000 on their custom portraits.